Down goes Frazier!!!

March 18, 2018

Today I talk about how each team has preformed in the NCAA tournament, yes even that team. I talk about Pittsburgh's mass exodus. The Pittsburgh coaching search is turning into something that is "So Pittsburgh" and we get some news on our Douchebag of the Year award winner. I review the shows official bracket, talk about Penny Hardaway, Jonas Hayes and close out with todays NCAAT picks.




“If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?” - George Carlin


Selection Show Special

March 11, 2018

I pick every game of the NCAA bracket and talk about who got in and who was left out and my thoughts on the commitees decisions.



Kevin Stalling’s Lamborghini

March 11, 2018


I talk about the ACC Tournament and the NIT today.

Who from the ACC can make a run? Who am I not betting on? The Bubble. The man who won the week financially. Options for the Pittsburgh coaching position and where you should be watching Trae Young next week.


“The only important statistic is the final score” – Bill Russell


#10-Year end awards and All Conference Teams

March 4, 2018

Today I preview the ACC Tournament and pick every game. I hand out the all conference selections and individual awards as well as a very special award for a very special person at the end. IT'S CHAMPIONSHIP WEEK!


Stringer Bell Coaches at Duke

February 25, 2018

Today I talk about banner that went on vacation, the FBI probe, Jerome Robinson putting in his papers, some milestones this week and the updated power rankings along with the Week in Review, Injury Report and Stock watch.


"The bank plays it legit, he generates a good bit of honest income but at the same time his money finances packages that he himself will never touch. He won't go near the street. He's insulated from the every operations of the corner. The money that comes back is then laundered through enough straight business investments that there is no way to trace it. A player gets to that point there ain't no way in hell a working police is going to tie a can to his tail." -Lester Freamon


You’re Missing the Point

February 18, 2018

Today I talk about why Louisville and Miami aren't that good and who had the best week for their tournament aspirations. I release the Weekly Power Rankings, the week in review, the injury report and the stock watch along with some recruits to keep an eye on.


Grabbing T&A in public?

February 11, 2018

Today I give the Week In Review and the ACC Bubble Watch. I address whether or not Josh Pastner, a man that doesn't curse, was grabbing T&A in public. I give  the updated Power Rankings, play hype vs reality, comment on FSU's new recruit, the injury report, the stock watch and preview todays games.





February 4, 2018

I play like a champion today, persevering through a terrible hangover to deliver the week in reveiw, show Markell Johnson some love, Does Jay Williams really think Duke is out the first weekend? Suspensions, Injury report, Duke/UNC preview.


Ty Jerome’s Famous Chicken Wings

January 28, 2018

Today on the ACC Basketball Report Podcast I give the Week in Review, I give a take on Louisvilles "punishment" for using strippers as recruiting tools along with some thoughts on the ACC officiating as well as the Injury and Stock reports. 


I would never say Jeff Capel drops bags.

January 21, 2018

Today I talk about the Week in Review, the Zion Williamson shocker (wink wink, nudge nudge), Miami's probelms on offense and ACC schdeuling along with the Free Agent Market, Injury report, Stock Watch and a quick look at todays 3 game slate.