This is harder than you think

May 21, 2018

Today I talk about the ACC's propal for NCAA tournament expansion. I talk about Josh Okogie's decision to go pro and why it was the correct one, the player I would avoid, my top 10 pick bust, my sleeper and my favorite BBQ joint. 


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A Bad Trade

May 16, 2018

Today I talk about the Sacha Killeya-Jones commitment and the Georgia Tech coaching hire. I update everyone on the comings and going of the FA market and share a nice story to close out the episode.

Seeya Sunday!


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The Kevin Garnett Episode

May 6, 2018

Today is the Kevin Garnett episode for no other reason than it is episode 21. Kevin does not make an appearance. He is off somewhere being waaaaaayyyyyy too intense for me on a sunday morning. Today I talk about a good move by NC State. GT filling a coaching vacancy (finally) and I talk a little bit about recruiting and the free agent market.


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Capel’s gonna Capel

April 29, 2018

Today I discuss (briefly) the newest wrinkle in the FBI case and the NCAA Competition Committee failing to see the problem. BC makes a smart move. Jeff Capel lands his back court of future. I talk player movement coming into and out of the ACC and there was an under the radar coaching move that could have big implications.


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April 22, 2018

Today I review all of the coaching and player movement  htat has happened the last two weeks.


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The Harold Little Interview

April 15, 2018

Harold "Tee" Little joins me today, is the father of McDonalds All American Nassir Little, a North Carolina signee for the class of 2018. Today we talk about the recruiting world, AAU, the FBI investigation, Brad Augustine, Coach Roy Williams, Coach Darryl Labarrie and the options prep players have after high school.


Twice is not nice

April 9, 2018

I liked this episode so much I recorded it twice. I talk about every team in the conference potentially losing their best player. Recruiting news along with Coaching movement and a preview of next weeks show. 


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Happy Zombie Jesus Day!

April 1, 2018

Today I talk about Chris Mack and Jeff Capel, transfers and coaching changes as well as the McDonalds All-American game and the Final Four games from last night and what I expect tomorrow.

Also, I was playing with the levels a little bit at the beginning, its probably super annoying and I apologize.

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The Semi-final is the Championship

March 25, 2018

We have music now! I talk about the craziness that is the NCAAT this year, FSU and Syracuse getting bumped. I talk about how the title game is before the title game and of course I talk about how the Ramblers keep ramblin and why they are so successful. Lots of coaching talk and movement in the league already and a I talk about some kids that are testing water.




Sweet 16 and Elite 8 picks

March 21, 2018

This evening I talk about how terribly I did in the second night of round of 32 games, I give my sweet 16 and elite 8 picks. 




ETA: Yes, I said Villanova instead of Nevada when picking the elite 8 game.....thats my bad....