ACCBR #33: Post Hurricane Florence Episode

September 18, 2018

What's up everyone?! Today I give you my recruiting notes, the five most impactful transfers for the upcoming season and #12 on my 2018-19 projected standings. Don't forget to like, rate, review, share, and retweet the episode! 

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ACCBR #32-Pitino is full of crap

September 10, 2018

Today I talk about the recent recruiting news and happenings, Jim Boeheim being Jim Boeheim, the Pitino book and I give my #13 team in the 2018-19 ACC projections. Less than 60 days people!!!


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ACCBR #31: Lets go on a visit!

September 2, 2018

After watching Notre Dame dismantle Michigan last night, I play like a champion today and fight through a terrible cold to tell you about some of the official visits going on in the ACC this month as well as my thoughts on who will finish in the number 14 spot in the ACC in 2018-19.

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ACCBR #30: Recruiting Notes and 2018-19 ACC Projections

August 27, 2018

A lot of stuff happening in the world of ACC recruiting. The biggest no brainer comes off the board, Isaiah Stewart drops 1 and keeps 2 ACC Teams, Clemson gets a huge commit and Josh Pastner gets 4 OV's in September towards his most important recruiting class to date. I also start the countdown of ACCBR's projected 2018-19 standings by revealing this years cellar dweller. I give 5 reasons why I put them there and what the upside is.

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#29:Was I wrong about Zion Williamson?

August 19, 2018

Today I talk about how Clemson Mens Basketball doesn't want to be friends, Notre Dame in the Bahamas, Georgia Tech wants to go fast and whether or not I have changed my mind about Zion Williamson.


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#28: Brad Brownell Contract Thoughts

July 22, 2018

Quick hitter today. Just giving my thoughts on the Brad Brownell Contract extension. 


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Talking ACC Hoops with Will Ojanen

July 3, 2018

In my return I have a conversation with ACC Nation's Will Ojanen about all things ACC Hoops. We talk about the Duke "Brotherhood", UNC's potential, how fast can Jeff Capel turn Pitt around, Jim Christian or Brad Brownell and what to expect from UVA and NCST.

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Talking Notre Dame Hoops with Nathan Erbach

June 10, 2018

Today I have a conversation with writer Nathan Erbach ( @LasVegasIrish09) about everything Notre Dame, including a bombshell that I did not know about!


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Cone and Tony

June 5, 2018

Very special ACCBR this week, I sit down with Tony Patelis (@CollegeHoopNews) and we just talked about the ACC. Hope you guys enjoy!


UNC’s Titanium Basketballs

May 28, 2018

On the second try of episode 24 I talk about the ACC's record revenue. I also talk about who is staying, who is going and who could be coming later on. FSU gets some good news. Virginia gets ambitious in the OOC and UNC continues to thumb their nose at the NCAA


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